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The impact of foreign language study on young people

28th February 2018

Here at Camp Suisse we believe that providing fun and dynamic language classes for our campers is really important and adds great value to the camp experience. We make use of some amazing and passionate native speakers who come from far and wide in Europe, including Granada, Montpellier and south Germany. We create an authentic, diverse and invaluable cultural experience for our young campers.

So why are languages and cultural awareness just so important? If you’re not sure – then read on.

Intelligence and Success

  • Languages are challenging and young minds are very impressionable – meaning it’s much easier to learn while young.
  • Studies have shown that learning another language improves cognitive skills therefore improving a young person’s capacity to learn in general.

Social Skills  

  • Exposure to new and challenging experiences develops a child’s confidence and teaches them that they are capable of more than they may have known, and more than they are comfortable with.
  • The understanding of culture that accompanies the study of a language helps children to become more empathetic, more socially aware and more flexible to different situations.

Professional Advantages 

  • In an increasingly globalized economy, it is invaluable for international companies to have employees who are not only accomplished in their discipline, but who can express and share their knowledge in another language.
  • The ability to negotiate and debate in a foreign language adds great strength to a CV or professional portfolio.

We don’t know about you, but we are definitely convinced!