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The benefits of coming to Camp Suisse: Part 2

11th June 2014

We mentioned previously some of the benefits of sending your child away on camp. In truth, we don’t think there is any end to the number of reasons why Camp Suisse is so beneficial for growing minds.


Nomophobia is the term some psychologists use to describe the anxiety you feel when you’re separated from your mobile phone. It’s a relatively new phenomenon and is supposed to feel akin to feeling naked in public.

We don’t allow our campers to use their phones during activity times for a number of reasons. Firstly, they don’t have time! We’re going to be rushing around, having way too much fun to even think about reaching for a phone. Secondly, we’re worried that the handsets may get damaged.

Should you need to get in contact with your child, you can simply call their colour group supervisor who will be able to reach your child at any time.

Getting closer to nature

We find that once the stimulation of a phone screen has been taken away, a child’s mind can be freed and allowed to venture elsewhere. Imaginative solutions and childlike wonder take over as they become more engrossed in their surroundings and relationships.

There are so many reasons why allowing a child to play around in nature is so important. One study has shown that since the 1970s, children growing up in the Western world are less likely to play outside. Scientists have routinely pointed out that increased play outside and away from screens can decrease attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and its benefits in cutting obesity rates.

Getting active and socialising

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: – Getting children out and about, seeing new things and new locations is an excellent way to help improve their mental well-being. We genuinely believe that by getting our campers into the outdoors, playing around with each other in the open air, we are helping their mental and social development.

To recap – there are so many reasons why you should consider sending your child to Camp Suisse this summer. Not least of which being the extended phone diet that we provide! If you are interested in any of the activities that we run every session, please do contact us on +44 845 5191 031, or alternatively you can e-mail us at and we’ll be happy to talk through any questions you might have.