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30th May 2015

Age: 23

Nationality: British (Scottish)

Languages: English and will attempt any other language children bring to camp!

Role: Activity Leader & Group Leader

Qualifications: Bachelors of Education in Physical Education, tennis coaching level one, football coaching level one.


Summer 2015 will be Jack’s second as a staff member at Camp Suisse. After joining camp as Group Leader last year, Jack quickly became a very popular and integral part of the staff team. A keen football player and all round great guy (yes the two do go together!) Jack’s leadership skills, his zest for life and enthusiasm for educating young people is infectious and inspirational. I think everyone will agree that we can’t wait to see Super Jack again this summer!


1. What attracted you to want to work for Camp Suisse?

My thought process was something like…‘so I’ll be spending my summer in the glorious sunshine in the Swiss Alps, teaching and making friends with children (and adults) from all over the world, learning new skills and activities and generally winning at life…. I’M IN!’ But in all seriousness, from the very first Skype interview I was enthusiastic about the camp and impressed by Rich and Julie – the camp directors – and Ian of course!


2. What are you looking forward to this summer?

A lot. Myself and Kirstie (fellow Group Leader/my better half) have been constantly thinking about how we are going to make this year even better – for ourselves but more so for the children. I think being both an Activity Leader and a Group Leader will help me build even stronger relationships with the campers. I’m also looking forward to a great summer weather-wise – of course it’s going to be sunny every day!


3. What do you do when not at Camp Suisse?

I have just completed my university degree in secondary school Physical Education and will find out very soon where I will be placed for my induction year of teaching – it’s a very exciting time in my life. I love playing and watching lots of different sports, my faith is very important to me and I have an incredible girlfriend, without whom I would not be the happy, inspirational and unapologetically cocky guy I am today…haha!


4. And the future…?

Move to France, get a PE job in an international school, settle down, get married, have thirteen children, introduce the ‘sport decathlon’ to the Olympics (where each team competes in ten different team sports), make a Simmons family team, win a gold medal (for Great Britain or France or both), move to Torgon to retire and ski well into my 90s…


5. Favourite singer/artist?

I have to say I have a real soft spot for Billy Joel. I’m not the biggest fan of his lifestyle but a combination of incredible vocals and an unbelievable ability on the piano have been known to make my hairs stand on end. And the Proclaimers obviously! That’s not just because I’m Scottish – I saw them in Glasgow and it’s one of the best concerts I’ve been to!


6. If you could have dinner with any two people in history who would it be?

Being a religious man, I would have to say the main man, Jesus Christ. I suppose a supper would be more appropriate than a dinner in this case…As for the second person, I feel that their presence would be somewhat overshadowed by that of Jesus Christ, but I really appreciate religious debate so perhaps an opposing big hitter such as Dawkins or Hawking would make for an interesting evening!


Whoever I choose, we’d be having the Camp Suisse chicken pie followed by Camp Suisse waffles. No questions asked!!


Jack !