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Staff focus: Emma W, resort manager

3rd March 2016

As part of our ‘staff focus’ series, catching up with members of Camp Suisse staff, we recently caught up with Emma W and heard all about her exciting new language venture.

Age: 36

Nationality: British

Languages: English, French, Spanish and learning Mandarin and Brazilian Portuguese.

Role at Camp Suisse: Resort Manager

Qualifications: BA Hons French and Spanish

How many seasons did you work at CS: 3 years

What interested you in working for CS: I am interested in languages and travel and decided to see what work was available in other countries. I searched and found Camp Suisse advertised I researched the company and the area in which it is based in Switzerland. I was really impressed with what I found out so decided to apply. A couple of months later I was on my way to Switzerland.

What kept you coming back: Camp Suisse is a really great company to work for, apart from being based in the beautiful Swiss Alps, I really like the company ethos. Julie and Richard are passionate about developing children and young adults through the camp experience. The campers have a great time and it is really satisfying as a member of staff to see how your hard work pays off. The staff also gain from the experience, it’s not only the campers who make friends for life, in fact tomorrow I am heading off to Amsterdam to visit a friend who I met at Camp Suisse! There are also opportunities for staff to develop and really enhance their skills and CV whilst working at Camp Suisse and this is really attractive as an employee.

What are you doing now: I have started a business called The Language Guys; we provide online language tuition in a variety of languages.

That’s really interesting, tell us more: I wanted to combine two interests of mine: my passion for languages and entrepreneurship. The Language Guys aims to modernise the way we learn languages by taking advantage of modern technology. We provide online language tuition via video link, meaning anyone with an Internet connection can learn a language at a time and place to suit them. I believe the best way to learn a language is from a native speaker and this is one of the main features of The Language Guys; we only use native speakers. I also want to make language tuition affordable to all, regardless of social or economic status. I have set up a social project in Mexico through The Language Guys, where I use a portion of the company profits to offer language tuition to people who would otherwise not be able to access quality language education. You can read all about the project on our website

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time: I see myself developing my business further and being able to make more of a social contribution. At present we do our social work with students in Mexico and I would really like to be able to extend this to other Latin American countries such as Colombia, Nicaragua etc. I will still be travelling and learning about new cultures and meeting people from around the world. I will definitely still be learning languages!

If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present who would it be?: This is a really difficult question, there are so many people! I would probably not choose a famous person or poignant figure; I’d rather be taken to a new country and have dinner with a family to learn about their culture. Other than that I’d like to have a big dinner party with all the people I have met from around the world on my travels so I can catch up with everybody!