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Fundraising – Raccooning

12th September 2014

What is Raccooning? 

Children who’ve attended Camp Suisse over the years will know exactly what we’re talking about when we mention raccooning, but those who have yet to experience a summer season in Torgon probably have no idea what it means!

Raccooning is a time-honoured tradition that is definitely enjoyed more by the campers than the staff! All summer sessions are involved in the activity, which sees nominated members of the Camp Suisse team facing all sorts of icky things being thrown at them. It’s hilarious for the children and staff to watch and get involved with, and basically means that our groups and activities leaders live in fear of being raccooned throughout the summer!

How it Works

During the course of each session, campers get to nominate selected staff members to be raccooned. At the end of the week, we count all the nominations to find out which unlucky staff member must become the target. We measure the nominations by a chart displayed at the camp, so everyone can clearly see who is getting the most votes. Whoever gets the most nominations receives the forfeit of having wet sponges, baked beans, and flour thrown at them, amongst other messy things.

Campers get to donate money so they can come and watch the raccooning, and even get involved in throwing wet sponges and other items at the targets!

Why We Do It

Aside from the general hilarity that ensues from raccooning, there is also a more serious reason behind it. Each year, we pick a charity to sponsor and spend the summer completing fundraising activities and raising awareness of the cause. This year, at Camp Suisse, we are sponsoring Joining Jack.

Joining Jack is a charity that works to raise awareness and funds for those suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). There is currently no known cure for DMD so the charity, founded by Jack Johnson’s parents, raises money and awareness so that vital research into the disorder can be carried out in the hope of finding a cure.

Our fundraising efforts extend much further than raccooning, and include profits from our Torgon stall on Swiss National Day and proceeds from sales of our ‘I Love Camp Suisse’ t-shirts.Campers and staff alike were busy with hair braiding, loom bracelet making and any other events we could think of to help raise those all important funds for this worthy cause!

If you would like your child to join in with Camp Suisse’s fundraising activities and attend a summer camp in Switzerland, visit our registration page and sign them up!