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1st February 2017

Cool things to look out for in 2017 at Camp Suisse and beyond

  • A total solar eclipse for next summer

Next summer, a total solar eclipse will darken the earth on Monday, August 21, 2017. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the view of the Sun for those of us down below looking up!

Unfortunately, we won’t get to see the eclipse at Camp Suisse, as can only be seen in parts of the U.S.A. Fancy an excursion to Nashville anyone?

  • Camp Suisse and Googles race to the moon.

Google has $20 million prize on the line for three privately-funded teams who reach the moon by 2017. The requirements: A team’s rover must travel 500 meters on lunar grounds and send back high-definition footage.

Should Camp Suisse enter a fourth team? I think our rocket ship challenge could give them a run for their money and the $20 million would be a welcome surprise for our 2017 charity!

  • Airport transfer by ‘The DeLorean’?

Whilst Camp Suisse will be looking at purchasing a new minibus for this summer, the DeLorean Motor Company expects in 2017 to be rolling out a few models of the car made famous by Marty McFly and Doc in the Back to the Future movies.

Maybe we could order one to use for airport transfers! How cool would that be!

  • Don’t bemoan the drone!

Drones are already BIG however in 2017 they are going to become very BIG! Again, that amazing company Google are planning to launch food delivery services with drones! Pizza delivery in Torgon! No way! We love the pizza at our local restaurant Les Caprin!

In any case, Camp Suisse is one step ahead. Check out our drone footage of the hike to the Col du Croix last summer!

  • The biggest murder mystery files EVER go public – JFK

This event could challenge the most controversial of Camp Suisse Murder Mystery Evenings – the release of the files relating to the death of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

Tiff and our other staff conspiracy theorists, look out!

  • Good bye El Niño and hello La Niña

2016 thank fully saw the end of the weather phenomenon El Niño, a naturally occurring warming of the Pacific ocean which bring droughts, very hot temperatures and subsequently food shortages to much of Africa, Latin America and south-east Asia.

In 2017, we will say hello to La Niña, a natural cooling of Pacific Ocean waters. This is likely to bring much needed rainfall and cooler temperatures to many areas across the globe. Phew!

When we think about summer at Camp Suisse we always hope for good weather but our challenges with weather really are insignificant to what some people around the world face!

  • The America’s Cup – could we be sailing at Camp Suisse in 2017?

One of the oldest international sporting trophies in history is up for grabs again with challengers looking to topple Oracle Team USA for the America’s Cup.

What better year for Camp Suisse to further develop its water sports programme on Lake Geneva and beyond. Watch this space for new water based activities as we approach summer!