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A New Summer Means a New Activity

30th May 2015

Have you ever wondered what skills you would need to survive in the wild just like Bear Grylls? This summer campers at Camp Suisse will have the chance to find out, as we are super excited to launch our new Mountain Adventure Day.

Our new activity has been designed to arm campers with the skills required to survive – and thrive – in the outdoors, while having mega amounts of fun at the same time.

Before they know it they’ll be cooking on trangias, crossing rivers on slack lines, sliding down banks, building camps and shelters, lighting fires, navigating with a compass and learning about local wildlife like moufflon, marmottes and chamois.

It will take traditional bush and camp craft to a whole new level with something new and exciting around every corner – they’ll even get the chance to perform a rescue on a member of staff!

We can’t wait to get things started – it will be an adventurous day. Guaranteed.