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Learning Team Building Skills at Camp Suisse

5th July 2014

Providing an experience that supports your children’s personal development is a real priority of ours at Camp Suisse, and the more fun we can make it, the better. Read on to see why and how we encourage a team spirit in all of our campers.

Why is Team Building Important?

Encouraging team work is a great way to set your children up for their futures in work or education. The transferable lessons that come from practising frequent team building activities include:

– Communication/listening

– Building friendships

– Social skills

– Trusting others rather than trying to do everything independently

– Giving the the opportunity to learn from each other

– Increasing confidence

And when it comes to team sports – teaching them how to be gracious winners and to be accepting of their losses!

Team Sports

We play a wide range of group sports for all abilities and interests, including ball games such as football and rounders. The fun doesn’t have to stop on the rare occasions the weather lets us down, as we have an indoor sports hall and can transfer most outside activities inside. Other fun activities like treasure hunts, quizzes, and murder mysteries can also be arranged in this space.

Orienteering/Map Reading

These are useful skills for future outdoor adventures, as well as being really fun and active. Group problem solving and using logic to get from A-to-B encourages campers to learn how to take a structured approach and achieve a set target. 

International Friendships

Encouraging co-operation between children from different countries is a great way to improve their language skills and diversify their knowledge. In this way, team work opens up the world to your child. 

No Previous Experience Necessary!

Your child doesn’t have to be an expert in all or any of the activities offered at Camp Suisse. Our staff are always on hand to check that everyone is safe and learns as much as possible, but we also encourage children to learn from each other – another great team skill. We instil these great values into our visitors while at our beautiful camp – they’ll be so busy having a great time that they won’t notice the life skills we’re helping them learn.

So if you’re looking for camps in Switzerland for your child this summer, get in touch with Camp Suisse.