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Happy Holidays

19th December 2017

December is a busy month all over the world. For many, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th December and for others, celebrations such as St Lucia Day or Hanukkah are the main focus of the festivities. We have compiled a few different ways to celebrate this month.
St Nicholas Day – 6th or 19th December
Usually celebrated in early December, St Nicholas Day is a popular occasion made up of gift giving, parades, feasts and festivals. A popular tradition is to place shoes in the foyer before bedtime.
Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe – 12th December
Catholics from across Mexico and other countries pay pilgrimage to the Basillica of Guadalupe in Mexico city to see an authentic image of the Virgin Mary. Children are dressed in traditional costumes and are blessed in churches. Since it is a happy day for all Mexicans, food and drink are enjoyed by everyone, and many people will save up their money throughout the year for this special occasion.
St Lucia Day – 13th December
Celebrated predominantly across Scandinavia, St Lucia Day is held in honour of the woman said to have been one of the first Christian martyrs in history. Traditional candlelit processions take place with the eldest daughter dressing as St Lucia in commemoration. Parents are served Lucia buns, coffee or mulled wine by their children as part of the celebration.
Hanukkah – Starting on the 12th December
Also known as the festival of light and the feast of dedication, Hanukkah is observed by lighting a candle each night on the traditional Menorah. Dating back two centuries, Hanukkah is celebrated by Jewish communities across the world.
Christmas Day – 25th December
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the son of God. Most commonly, the celebrations involve decorating houses with Christmas trees, an exchanging of gifts and the notorious Christmas dinner, typically made up of a roast turkey. It is the one day of the year where almost all shops, restaurants and doctors surgeries close to allow people to spend time with their family.
New Year – 31st December
For most, the 31st December celebrates the last day of the current year. Celebrations are held throughout the evening, with a countdown to bring in the new year. As the clock strikes midnight, fireworks are set off and well wishes for the new year are shared amongst friends and family.
This is just a handful of celebrations held across the world, with many more bringing families and friends together. At Camp Suisse, we feel very lucky to be surrounded by so many different cultures, each with their own traditions and special days. We hope wherever you are and whatever you do with your friends and family this December that you have a wonderful time.

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