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Testimonial – Cat C.

22nd April 2015

Ed from Marketing by Web recently spoke to Cat, a mother living with her family in New York, whose children have stayed at Camp Suisse several times over the years. We wanted to get Cat and her children’s views about the camp to help give parents and children an idea of what to expect if they’re heading to Camp Suisse for the first time, or thinking of making a booking.

Hi Cat, thank you for speaking to us today. Which of your children have stayed at Camp Suisse?

The eldest two, who are 16 and 13, have stayed there for the last three years. The youngest is going for the first time this year and is 10 this year.

Why did you choose Camp Suisse?

I was doing research online and looked at five or six different camps. I sent out a list of questions to each camp and Camp Suisse were one of the first to respond, and were the only one to answer all of the questions, giving detailed responses to each one. I also liked the fact that it was something new and exciting for my children and the variety of the languages spoken there.

What advantages does it have compared to other camps?

The variety of the activities. There is lots of physical activity and the fact that there is no internet or phones allowed during the day is good. At other camps the children are allowed their phones and are on them all day, but I think it’s good for them to be encouraged to do more physical activity.

I do like that they are allowed their phones for half an hour in the early evening though, usually around 6-7pm. It means we can stay in contact and make sure they’re okay as I do tend to worry if I don’t hear from them at all.

They are also very quick to respond to questions and any issues get resolved straight away. Two of my children are gluten intolerant and normally I have to send them off with their own bread and things, but Camp Suisse work really hard to accommodate food allergies, so this wasn’t a problem for once. They are very good at taking care of diversity and any special requirements children have.

What do your kids like about it?

Everything. Especially the range of activities. Their first question when they got back from their first camp was “Can you book us in for next year?” so I think that tells you a lot.

It’s really great that they get to meet so many kids from different countries. They all stay in touch online and ask each other if they are going back every year. They can ask to stay in the same room with their friends which the camp are very good at accommodating.

Have you got any other comments or feedback?

Camp Suisse is one of the best camps ever and they are so good at responding to questions and requests. I always recommend them to my clients.

Cat, thank you very much!

At Camp Suisse, we pride ourselves on being one of the most accommodating summer camps in Europe for teens and younger children. If you have a child heading here this year, or are thinking about making a booking, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer your questions.