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Some of the exciting activities we have to offer this summer!

21st April 2014

Glacier 3000 – the land of permanent ice. This is one of our favourite trips of the summer, as we take our campers up and down a glacier. Below you can find an introductory text aimed at our campers, which describes some of the action and fun that we try to fit into every part of the day. We even try and learn something along the way about the local history and geography of the area.

Husky sledging

Our first trip is via cable-car up to the snow at ‘Glacier 3000’. Why is it called Glacier 3000? – because it’s located on a glacier at 3000m above sea-level! We’ll walk out on the snow and you can find out about the life of a glacier, first hand.

Descending again by cable-car, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some beautiful husky-dogs. This is almost everyone’s favourite part of the trip, as they are just so friendly.

Once you’ve made your acquaintance with the bouncy huskies, they’ll then pull you along on a sled on this spectacular glacier. There is nothing quite like the view taken from a husky-sled out on the ice.

Alpine roller coaster

After we’ve taken you up the mountain, we’ll take you back down again via an amazing alpine roller-coaster: The highest roller-coaster in the world, no less. It’s an exhilarating and bumpy ride past some beautiful views of the mountains. Watching our campers’ faces as they whip round this course is one of our favourite activities here at Camp Suisse!


Finally, we will take you back down the mountain to Lake Geneva where the weather is a lot warmer. There you can play around in the water and go diving off a 7-metre diving board into the lake.

Splashing around in the lake or in an outdoor pool nearby, there could be no better way to end the day. We can guarantee that you’ll sleep like a log after this day out into the mountains.


If the idea of gliding around on the snow in a sled; rushing down a roller-coaster up in the mountains and then dive-bombing off a seven-metre diving board into a lake grabs your fancy, you might also be interested in some of the other trips and activities we have to offer.

We take safety very seriously at Camp Suisse and we only work in areas where the maximum safety standards can be guaranteed. If you have any questions about anything we have posted today, why not contact us for more details?

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