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Camp Suisse: a Truly Global Experience

5th December 2018

The vast array of different nationalities of campers who come to enjoy the Camp Suisse experience never ceases to amaze us: over the past few years we have noticed a growing trend, indicating our campers are coming from an increasingly diverse range of countries; spanning six continents.

IMG_7500-LA typical arrivals day for our Summer Camp can see us welcome children from around forty countries. This involves a lot of planning; our administration team has to ensure that every camper’s travel details are in check, including their arrival time and flight number; then create a travel plan to give to our Airport Welcome Team, who go to Geneva Airport to greet each camper as they pass into the arrivals hall. Flights arrive from all corners of the globe: from Sydney to Los Angeles; from Frankfurt to Lima, our Airport Welcome Team always works hard to ensure the entire process runs like a well-oiled machine.

Other campers arrive directly to Camp with their parents by car; some live relatively locally in Switzerland or neighbouring France and Italy; other families are visiting Switzerland from further afield and choose Camp Suisse to give their child the perfect opportunity to partake in our amazing activity programme or to learn a language.

IMG_7174-LWhichever way campers arrive, they instantly start getting to know one another; something which is really special to see. For many, the linguistic immersion we offer starts from the moment they arrive; particularly if they have to use a “common language” with their fellow campers to communicate and make friends. While this is most often English, it’s not uncommon for campers to communicate in French, Spanish or German, depending on where they are from and what languages they can already speak. This leads to the formation of cross-cultural friendships, which many campers quite rightly feel is one of the best things about the overall Camp Suisse experience. Dinner times at Camp are one of the best places to see these newly formed cross-cultural friendships in action: having a table with a boy from Peru sat next to and chatting to his fellow campers from Australia, Poland, China and Portugal is a prime example – there can’t be many other places in Switzerland where cross-cultural friendships are quite as clear!

To find out more about summer 2019, and to reserve your place, visit our Summer Camp pages.

Check out the map below to see where our campers came from in Summer 2018:

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 11.49.58