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Camp Mentor Program at Camp Suisse

11th December 2014

What is it?

The Camp Suisse Camp Mentor Program is a development programme aimed at ex-campers aged 16-19 who would like to take on a certain level of responsibility at Camp Suisse.

How did it come about?

The mentor programme started back in 2010 in response to growing demand from parents for older campers to return to camp as employees. Whilst our recruitment policies would prevent us from offering paid employment to a youngster under 19, we felt that these young people who had first hand experience of CS and who had matured and developed within our systems had a lot to offer the young campers in our care.

What’s involved?

Camp Mentors are highly valued members of the Camp Suisse team and start their journey at the pre-season staff training week. Mentors undertake a large majority of the staff training, including orientation courses, basic first aid, activity and leadership training, the Camp Suisse ‘Child Protection’ qualification and more. The training period at camp is an exciting time to learn and to discover new skills,  as well as to meet the many new people who make up the Camp Suisse experience.

Once our young campers have arrived for the session, our mentors leap into action alongside the rest of the team. Duties induced assisting staff (mainly Group Leaders) with their daily jobs, supporting staff on activities, helping with campers and learning the inner workings of the day-to-day life at Camp Suisse. Our mentors have a unique insight into the operations of camp and can sometimes act as a bridge between campers and staff.

Who should apply.. and how?

To be a Camp Mentor requires the same qualities as expected of Camp Suisse staff: energy, maturity and flexibility, team players with a positive attitude toward both staff and campers. This is the very reason that the programme has been strictly by invitation only to past campers who we believe have made a positive contribution to camp life during their time at Camp Suisse.

An interested ex-camper aged 16+ can apply for the mentor scheme and would provide a letter of motivation outlining why they were interested in the scheme and what contribution they expect to make to the Camp Suisse team. Once accepted at this stage, parental consent is established and dates finalised. (Maximum eight weeks.)

What does it cost?

The scheme is payable, but at a much reduced fee, around £2000 / 3000 CHF for a maximum of 8 weeks. This fee represents a contribution from parents towards accommodation, food and activities.

What do our mentors get out of the program?

Camp mentors can look forward to gaining first-hand experience leading and assisting younger campers in activity sessions as well as invaluable work experience in a professional educational environment. As with all our campers and staff alike, we are committed to developing leadership skills as well as teaching new hard and soft skills. Mentors have the opportunity where appropriate to assist with language classes and to work with our younger campers contributing positively their pastoral care, welfare and to their enjoyment of the camp, even sharing their experiences from their time as a camper.

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