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All Different, All Equal – Anti-Bullying Week

21st November 2017

Although there is no legal definition for bullying, it is usually described as behaviour that is repeated and with intention to cause hurt, either physically or emotionally. It can range from teasing and name calling, to threats and physical assault and in this digital age, cyberbullying.

This week is Anti-Bullying Week in the UK, and as at Camp Suisse we firmly believe that every week should be anti bullying week, we think it is really important to raise awareness for the prevention of bullying.  This week the UK Anti-Bullying Alliance has been supporting schools throughout the UK with a range of free activities that will help pupils to create safe environments and to take action to prevent bullying.

One of the major aims for Anti-Bullying week is to empower children and young people to celebrate what makes them unique. Children should feel valued and able to be themselves without fear of being bullied. Another key goal is to increase awareness, not only for bullying, but also for equality. Anti-Bullying week will take place in schools throughout the UK and will allow students and teachers to celebrate difference and equality and to talk about what makes us ‘all different, all equal’. Students will be encouraged to take action to prevent bullying by creating safe environments where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.

At Camp Suisse, we are very proud to welcome children from all over the world. Each child brings their own story, their own culture and their own personality. We celebrate difference, and we love learning from all our campers.

Remember to be kind to one another.

The Camp Suisse Team