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Accreditation for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award

11th November 2014

Camp Suisse is very excited to announce that we have recently been accredited as an International Trained Activity Provider (ITAP) for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

As many of our campers and parents already know, The Duke of Edinburgh International Award (‘the Award’) is the world’s leading youth achievement award, enabling 14-24-year-olds to learn practical skills that are valuable to their personal and professional development. Whilst being ever-present and popular in the UK since its inception in 1956, demand for the Award has been rapidly growing on a global basis for a number of years, especially at International Schools across Europe and Asia as well as amongst parents and pupils.

The Award can be undertaken at three levels which when completed lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

Participants achieve their Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four different sections (five if you’re going for Gold) – Volunteering, Physical, Skills, Adventurous Journey and for the Gold level, a Residential Project.

The accreditation of Camp Suisse as an ITAP is really exciting news to many of our international campers and schools as it enables Camp Suisse to provide the Adventurous Journey and Residential Project sections of the Award to our ever-enthusiastic campers participating in the Award.

So what are the Adventurous Journey and Residential Project sections of the Award??

The Adventurous Journey

The Adventurous Journey is an overnight camping expedition that participants must undertake as part of the Award at all levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. The length of the camping expedition is dependent on the level of the award being undertaken. Bronze Level (entrance level) – two days and one night, Silver – three days and two nights and Gold (the highest level) – four days and three nights.


The aim of the Adventurous Journey is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn more about the wider environment as well as to develop their self-confidence, team work and health. Participants are taken ‘out of their comfort zone’ but, as with all activities at Camp Suisse, kept within a safe and secure setting, achieved through suitable preparation and training for the students and supervision by staff.


The Residential Project

The Residential Project element of the Award is a 5-night stay which again takes participants ‘out of their comfort zone’ and ensures they interact with people who are not their usual friends or colleagues whilst learning a new skill.


The aim and objectives of the Residential Project combine extremely well with the ethos of our international summer camps at Camp Suisse; participants will meet new people, explore life in an unfamiliar environment, develop new skills and have a life-changing experience.


If you have any questions about the Duke of Edinburgh International Award or are interested in undertaking the Adventurous Journey or Residential Project sections of the Award with us please contact us at anytime via