Languages at Camp Suisse

At Camp Suisse we offer a complete and exhaustive language program in English, French, German and Spanish.

Our qualified teaching team is experienced and trained to teach languages in ludic and fun environments. Campers enjoy every single moment and learn quickly thanks to a method based on communication, confidence building and fun.

At Camp Suisse we highlight the knowledge of the country of the language studied as we consider it an essential point in the exhaustive learning of a foreign language. Our Talent Show and other activities allow the campers to be immersed in cultural elements.

On the first day of each camp session, we run a variety of relevant and carefully planned language tests (oral and written) which allow teachers to meet the campers and to allocate them to a class according to their language level and age. The oral test is run in a friendly way including games to make the campers feel at ease.

At Camp Suisse we adopt the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as a reference framework and therefore our courses range from levels Beginner to C1. At the end of each camp session students are presented with an Award Certificate showing their level. The certificate is important to them as it represents official recognition of their effort.

Our classes are usually no bigger than 11 students. The small number of students in a class allows the teacher to create a close relationship with each student, thus enabling the teacher to identify the students’ strengths and weaknesses in the language.

After the test and organization, the linguistic adventure starts for our campers. We have a full range of materials produced by our teachers and scrupulously selected from different sources. We also have different books specialising in activities encouraging interaction and fun. Our set of games and resources allow us to create a context where the campers have a great time while the teacher guides them in their process of learning.

The language program includes 15 hours per two-week session or 9 hours per one-week session of foreign language tuition. In addition to this our language teachers are also involved in activities helping campers to be immersed in a relevant linguistic environment during sports, activities and excursions.

The key word within the teaching team is motivation. We know that through motivation and confidence-building, campers will feel to have taken a big step forward in the knowledge of the language at the end of the session. We are always proud to hear from campers'  parents that they have returned home with a noticeable improvement in their language skill.