Camp Journal

Back to Base

16th August 2017

We woke up to a lovely and clear morning at camp, and after some breakfast to prepare them for the day, it was time to gather their things and head for the hike back home and get back to base! We made it just in time for a very well deserved lunch after so much walking and hiking!

After everybody had relaxed and rested a little it was time to dive back into the action! It was the Reds and Blues’ turn to hit the climbing wall! Admittedly with a little more trepidation and nerves than the older campers, they still had a blast as they took their time to get used to the heights and were reassured by some great advice and encouraging words from our Activity Leaders. Meanwhile, our Yellows and Greens took their turn to fill their brains with some knowledge as they headed to their language classes. In a short period of time, the campers have been able to practise and converse with their native speaking teachers and that experience has been invaluable to give them the confidence and interest to carry on learning their chosen languages once they head back home in just a few days time!

To finish off the day, our lucky campers were given a choice between evening entertainment which included some crazy and energetic Zumba or some relaxed Yoga and fun Bingo for our campers with less energy!



What a lovely day and everybody is so excited about our activity for tomorrow: Banana boating!



Its time to Camp!

15th August 2017

The Blues and Reds started of the day with some productivity and learning in their fun languages classes this morning! Even though they have only been taking these classes for a few days, they’re really starting to get a good understanding of their chosen languages and are beginning to grow in confidence due to the practise they have with our native language teachers!

Meanwhile, the Yellows and Greens had a more active morning and decided to take on the challenge of the climbing wall! With some music in the background and encouraging shouts from our amazing activity leaders Frankie, they all had a blast zooming up the wall like monkeys! They were given challenges and games in order to make it even more exciting and to test their abilities and everybody put so much effort into the activity. It was great to see how their confidence with the heights and the technicalities if climbing improved so much in such a short period of time.

After some yummy lunch to refuel, it was time for the next adventure! All of our groups stocked their backpacks with water, sun cream and their PJs and it was time to head off for some camping! We hiked up to our beautiful Alpine Outpost in the mountains, passing past streams, plenty of trees and even some friendly cows! Once we had made it up, the campers were able to get settled in their rooms and have a rest with some free time. There was some ping-pong and Fussball to be played and there was also some colouring and games of cards. Some of our campers didn’t need any distracting at all and were happy just to sit amongst themselves outside and admire the beautiful views with their friends!

After some classic camping BBQ food (burgers, salad and chips) it was time to explore these views even more as we set off to hike a little further up mountain and reach the French Border! Everyone was so excited at the achievement and they were rewarded by really incredible sights of Mont Blanc, the French ans Suisse Alps and even a view of Lake Geneva! Amazing.

After a fun camp fire with some fun and scary stories from our Activity Leader Fearghal accompanied by chocolate and bananas it was time for everybody to head to bed and get some rest after such a busy and exciting day!

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The early bird catches the worm at Glacier 3000!

14th August 2017

Today we had a camp excursion with all the colour groups, and we departed very early, as the early bird gets the worm! We were on the road before 8 am and headed eastward in to the hinterland of Switzerland to visit the Glacier 3000 high up in the mountains. It was the first time in a cable car for some of our campers and they gazed in wonder at the views below them. For others it was even their first time on snow! Once we were up, we met out tour guide and embarked on an adventure with some beautiful husky dogs to accompany us! We split into small groups and were each given a friendly dog to walk including am 7 month year old little puppy that was an instant hit!

After bidding farewell to our four legged friends, next up for our campers was the crazy Alpine Roller coaster, Europe’s highest. It was such great fun and there were plenty of squeals and shrieks of excitement. We refuelled with a scenic lunch sat on the terrace looking out over the glacier before heading out for a better look at the observation point where we could see for miles around. This was followed by a courageous walk across the stunning Suspension Bridge that hangs 3000 m up! Some were nervous but everyone but their best foot first and enjoyed the beautiful views.

A quick visit to the gift shop and it was time to head back down. Back at camp, it was time for campers to rearrange their hair, smooth their clothes and practise their best smiles, as we took some group photos to keep as souvenirs of their fun here at Camp Suisse. What a lovely day!

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Languages and Archery for Blues and Reds!

13th August 2017

This morning was the first taste of Language Classes for our young Red and Blues! With a lower level of understanding of their languages due to their young ages, we started off calmly with some basics! Our classes involved our campers introducing themselves and then practising numbers and colours etc. In order to help put what they had learnt into practise and make the lesson more interactive we also had lots of fun playing games like Jenga, Bingo and Battleships. What a fun way to learn!

Then after some refuelling at lunch, it was time to play some archery at our beautiful football pitch surrounded by the mountains! We integrated some competitions, challenges and games into this as well based on which colours they managed to hit! Their next adventure is one of our hardest yet most fun activities at Camp Suisse! It was time for our young campers to get a little wet and crazy as they headed Ghyll Scrambling! They tackled a course down our beautiful local river, that was full of obstacles and challenges and our campers never stopped laughing and giggling as they splashed each other and tackled the fun obstacle course.

After some recuperation at dinner and shower hour it was time for more activity and fun, as they headed off to our fun activities area where they could play with the bouncy castle, zip wire and play chess on a massive real life board! By the time they headed to bed, the Reds and Blues were all very tired after so much fun! Stay tuned tomorrow for their exciting adventures high up in the mountains!

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Robin Hood and Languages for Greens and Yellows!

The sun stayed with the Greens and Yellows today and it was just what we needed for our first exciting activity! It was time to bring out our campers’ inner robin hood’s at the beautiful football pitch in the mountains to play some archery. We integrated some games into the class after they had learnt about technique and put in some practise and we did things like choosing where we would be able to go on holiday depending on which part of the target your arrow ends up. We then decided to make it even more interesting my forming into groups and having a big competition between groups which even included our staff!

After refuelling at lunch, it was time for our older groups to put their thinking hats on and head to the classrooms because it was languages time!! We did a variation of written and oral practise whilst making it fun with games such as ‘If i were president’, Happy Family games, Jenga and word-searches! We also created a tourism poster for the country of Camp Suisse and wrote some lovely letters to French Speaking pen pals!


By the time the classes were finished, the campers had put in a lot of effort and more than deserved their afternoon tea and shower hour rest! To finish off the day after dinner, we got creative! The campers split into groups and filmed some 3 minute movies based on their favourite films that will be displayed for other campers very soon! What a talented group of campers we have!

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Session 4 finally arrives!

12th August 2017

Once again, the weather reflected the mood at Camp Suisse during arrivals today! After yesterdays dreary and horrible weather saying farewell to our third session, the sun decided to come out in full for for our new and final session’s campers! As people arrived from all over the world at the lovely Geneva airport, Aigle train station and some being dropped directly to our door, it was all go for our staff members. Thankfully, being our fourth time and having had plenty of practise, everything ran smoothly!

Whilst people were filtering in, our early arrivals were taken to enjoy the sun at our beautiful football pitch ! They played some warm up games to help everybody get to know each other and relax, then we started a fun and competitive football much to start of the fun and activity filled week here at camp! After everybody had been sufficiently worn out, it was time to return to base for a relaxed shower hour followed by their first group meet and a delicious first dinner of Bolognese! There was plenty of small talk as the campers sat in tables with their colour groups and their group leader. There was plenty of discussion about interest, hobbies, various cultures and nationalities and about their families! Everybody is settling in very quickly!

Next up was some more activities to help the campers interact with and get to know each other: some fun Icebreaker fun! All of the colour groups came together and played fun games like 2 truths and common facts. A little later, those who had travelled long distances or very early were able to go to bed a little earlier than usual so that they could catch up on plenty of rest! The others stayed in the ping-pong room to socialise and relax before they too headed off for some much needed sleep. We’re so excited to see what tomorrow has in store!



A special goodbye for Session 3!

11th August 2017

Today was solid proof of pathetic fallacy! Sadly departures day for Session 3 loomed; and so did the stormy clouds and rain. Emotions were running high throughout last night’s amazingly fun prom and this morning’s sad pack-up! The whole session have clicked incredibly well, especially our older campers, and it was a sad sight to see good friends part. However, it was equally as special to see the amazing bonds that had been formed over the last fortnight! Our campers have done all sorts of activities together, from Banana Boating to playing with adorable huskies and visiting the beautiful and relaxing ‘Bains de Saillon’ Spa to our more educational activities such as Talent shows and our great language classes. They have also had wonderful evening entertainments such as murder mysteries and their amazing Hawaiian themed Prom, which is what really sealed the unique bond of the group!  Our prom was the perfect send off for the campers, with a multitude of prizes being awarded to say thank you for their great behaviour and effort, including the prestigious ‘Queen of Camp’ award. This was given to the more than worthy and lovely camper: Aesha Hussein! Congratulations!

This morning was very relaxed in comparison, with various campers doing some climbing sessions to avoid the rain and others hanging out together in our famous ping-pong room before they had to say even more emotional goodbyes! We’d really like to thank you to all of the incredible campers for making this such a fun and lively session, that was also very easy for our staff thanks to their amazing behaviour! We hope to see you back very soon and we are very excited for the arrival of our final session to keep the fun going!



The perfect day to wind down the Session!

9th August 2017

Its the last few days of  camp here but that doesn’t mean we stop having fun! Today we had a very relaxing and fun day to wind the down the fortnight of activity! It was time for a Spa Day!!!! All of the groups headed off after preparing ourselves with a yummy breakfast to head to the ‘Bains de Saillon’. A beautiful coach ride through the valley brought us to the beautiful baths, nestled in the Swiss Alps with breath taking views. There was some fun for everyone: slides for the adventurous and silly, pools for the sporty ones, a thermal stream for everyone to be whirled around in and finally, a sauna for the older ones of us!

It was incredible to be swimming and floating around outside surrounded by the lovely mountains and the day was sunny and really pleasant to spend time outside of the warm waters as well, even though the pools are heated and the perfect temperature whether rain or shine! It was lovely to relax and bond together before the last day tomorrow !

Once we had returned to camp and dragged ourselves back, the evening was equally relaxed with some casino games and dancing fun making some routines for tomorrow nights’ prom!!! We’re all incredibly excited to dance and have some fun all together.

Camp Suisse has got Talent!

8th August 2017

On an unfortunately rainy and stormy morning, our Reds and Blues headed back from their fun time camping and went back to base camp to get to the warm and dry Camp Suisse! Upon arriving back, and taking much needed showers and a little rest time, they headed off to language classes to use the rainy day productively! Their classes today consisted of preparing for their exciting talent show later in the evening!

After dinner, the campers gathered to showcase their, and watch other, pieces that were all performed in the various languages being taught here at camp during the session. Despite having little time to prepare for the acts, everybody gave great performances and we were all very impressed! In particular, a group of our Beginners in English got a rousing cheer for their amazing performance of Peel the Banana which they learnt so quickly yet performed so well! Finally, the Blue group were able to have a sneak peak at the language karaoke for the older campers but unfortunately had to head to bed before long; maybe next year guys! What a fun day of learning and languages!


Learning and Fun for Greens and Yellows

Unfortunately, it was a grey and rainy day at Camp Suisse today, with the whole camp immersed completely in cloud for most of the day! Luckily however, we were prepared! The Yellows and Greens decided to use their time inside productively and headed to some language classes followed by a lovely hot lunch to warm them up!

Despite the grey weather, we still had an absolute blast during our language classes as we practised our Karaoke songs in their chosen languages. This included Wonderwall by Oasis, Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran. Once we were sufficiently rehearsed and ready to move on, in the afternoon, headed for some indoor rock climbing where they were given various challenging routes. They played games and challenges to shake things up a bit and push their limits!

It was then time, after refuelling at dinner, to watch the talent show put together by our lovely younger campers showing of their talents in their chosen languages. It was great fun and everybody was very impressed by their progress in such a short time! After watching this, everybody was even more excited to show off their skills during evening entertainments and put their practise into reality from earlier today with a Karaoke session. There were songs in 5 different languages including Despacito, Papaoutai and Let me love you for English! Such a great day of learning and fun!